Top 7 Benefits Of Using QR Codes In Your Marketing Strategies

The past few years have seen brands relying on technological advancements to convey faster information. With smartphones becoming second nature to human beings, it is all about getting communication across in the best possible fashion.

‘Quick Response’ (QR) Codes have emerged as a realistic medium to increase engagement. They have also aided in bettering the promotional activities of brands. Whether it is conveying information between individuals or from a business to a consumer, QR codes can get the job done for you. That too in a snap!

In this article, we are going to look at the top seven benefits of using QR codes in your marketing strategies. If you are a B2B or a B2C business, you should pay attention to the article and what it has to offer.

List of the Top 7 Benefits of using QR Codes in your Marketing Strategies

1. Easy Access to your Business Phone Number-

Imagine that you are a business that has come to a trade show to showcase your products and services. You have all the information, including the incredibly long business phone number. We all know how everyone keeps messing with the wrong numbers.

If you have a QR Code on a standee next to your display, interested customers can just scan the same and get your phone number. The chances of going wrong are potentially zero! This will ensure a better and faster way to distribute your phone number to interested audiences.

2. Relaying Complete Business, Product, or Service Information-

With most businesses attempting to reduce paper usage as much as possible, the era of twenty-page leaflets and brochures is over. However, you still need to introduce your business, its products, and services to customers.

A QR code comes in handy in such instances. It can allow customers to just scan the code and get the replica of the brochure or the leaflet on their smartphones. This can be in the form of a PDF or a Landing Page that you have specifically created for the service at hand.

3. Aiding Communications through Emails and Text Messages-

If you have been reading about the best practices of text and email marketing, you will know that bombarding someone’s inbox is not such a good idea. If users scan the QR code that you have on display, it means that they are allowing you to send the communication.

Marketing experts that have been successful in using QR codes point out that this helps in SMS marketing campaigns in a major way. You can use the same to convey information about sales, discounts, offers, freebies, and other promotional information to the customers.

4. Boosts App Downloading Campaigns significantly-

We are slowly migrating away from web pages to mobile apps because of the ease of usage, better information, and engagement. The dynamic nature of apps makes them very fruitful in terms of usage. QR codes can play a significant role in improving your app downloads.

Everyone from Angry Birds to Snapchat and Spotify has been using QR codes to improve app download campaigns. On scanning the QR code, a user goes directly to the app download page on the Play Store or the iOS store. They can start the download directly from there.

5. Displays Business Locations to help consumers-

Every time a consumer needs to find the location of a business, he or she has to manually type in the same on their Maps. With QR codes you save customers from doing the same by adding the location information on the QR code itself.

This not only helps save those valuable few seconds for the customer but also demonstrates your ability as a thoughtful business. These small things go a long way in establishing brand credibility, value, and loyalty from the customers.

6. Improving Sales for your Ecommerce Business-

The single greatest application of QR codes has been seen in the Ecommerce and online sales industry. In fact, for Ecommerce businesses, pushing discounts and coupons through QR codes continues to be one of the major sales and marketing strategies.

To be very honest, consumers love receiving QR codes from Ecommerce brands. This is because they exactly know that this is going to help them get a hefty discount or allow them to view an exclusive members-only type display.

7. Economical, Cost-Effective, and Affordable-

If you are a business looking to cut down on paper costs, overcome printing headaches and put an end to complicated logistics, then you should take a look at QR codes. They are relatively simple to create, allow you to save your money, and are highly efficient.

It also demonstrates that you are a responsible business that takes environmental concerns responsibly. With consumer behavior becoming intertwined with concerns around Global Warming and Climate Change, you might just be able to create a loyal fan base with your QR codes.

Data, Analytics and QR Codes: Why Businesses love them?

Marketing statistics is a challenging area for most businesses. Gathering data, taking help from research bodies, printing thousands of sheets, and manual processes can be a taxing affair.

Dynamic QR codes have emerged as a proven method to help in data gathering, analytics, and statistics. They can help in properly segregating the data and allowing marketing teams to optimize strategies based on the same.

Certain background work indeed needs to be done in terms of fixing the sorting and filtering activity. However, brands that want to lead with data analytics can take help from dynamic QR codes to boost the efficiency of their marketing and sales campaigns.

This not only helps in saving time but also cuts costs, energy, and effort in designing a high-performance campaign for the brand.

The Bottom Line

Early tech adoption allows a company to stay in tune with the changing digital landscape of our times. While QR codes are not entirely new, it is slowly becoming much accepted and gong mainstream from a consumer point of view. If you are a brand looking to speak with consumers in a language that is modern, useful, and one which they understand, then QR codes can help you.

If you wish to know more about optimizing marketing campaigns with QR codes, let us know in the comments below. We will try to address as many of your queries as possible.

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