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Aggressive Google Ads & Retargeting Campaigns

Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) is one of the quickest methods to develop your company in an increasingly aggressive market.

Pay-per-click advertising is based around user intent, so whether your audience is seeking to make a purchase or looking for additional information about your company, showcasing to them the correct targeted ad, at the right moment will push qualified visitors directly through your site and improve the possibility for conversions & leads.

Our Head of Paid Advertising works with you to highlight your company goals with a holistic, friendly, omnichannel approach. We carry out an in-depth audit of your current Google Ads account (and if you currently don’t have an active campaign, we’ll build one from the ground up!), examine your competition and business practices and make continual optimizations to your strategy to ensure we seize your target market, at every degree of the customer journey. From mobile to display, we develop qualified dominating ads that resonate with your target customer.

Additionally, we handle each account with absolute care because each and every day, our reputation is on the line, so we do everything we can to improve conversions & improve your bottom line. We follow a simple NO automation and an absolutely NO “set-it and forget it” principle. Just steady, consistent monitoring and optimizations to adjust our strategies as your competition evolve, maintaining our competitive edge. And, because Google Ads is all about the statistics, we gift all of our statistics findings in a creative, digestible way via our live reporting dashboard and routine check-ins.

Why you need our Google Ads agency

An agency which invests in YOU.

Dominate the searches with a targeted, cost-effective PPC marketing campaign from Marketing One. We’re proud to be one of the few agencies in Australia to achieve above industry standard return on investments for more than 90% of their clients. While this in some respects, reflects our agency’s expertise and constant investment into new strategies. So in terms of Google Ads management, we realise that every new customer likes to see fast, calculated outcomes, and to that effect, we do not disappoint.

Our Head of SEO oversees approximately $2 million in ad expenditure every month, conducting optimisations, refinements and A/B testing across every single aspect of the campaign and customer journey to hold our title of delivering those strong ROI’s which our clients demand. When you undertake a Google Ads campaign with Marketing One, there is no front-line account manager where you receive some blanket statement in order to retain your business. You receive honest, transparent feedback from our Head of SEO each month on how we are seeking to improve the campaign.

Time to re-invest in modern

Forget TV, Radio And Paper Ads

Get better-qualified leads when you harvest the power of Google’s data. With PPC advertising, we can direct your ads to your target niche including location, age, gender, background and interests. When we combine this data with other social triggers, we can make sure we target your customers when they are in they are about to purchase, saving unnecessary budget spend, time and resources following up low-quality leads.

Take a look behind the scenes of your competitor!

Do you have clients around the corner which are buzzing with lines out the door, whilst you’re barely recovering the costs? How do they do it?!

Our Process

Custom Google Ads Campaign Management

We’ve perfected our delivery process over the years to cement our ranking
whilst offering a unique strategy to each and every client.

SMART Bidding

Enhanced CPC is a bidding practice where you place a manual bid according to each keyword, and it permits Google to increase or lower that bid based on Google’s “opinion” of the total value of the click. This bid approach is amazing, but, we often see stronger results using full automation bid techniques – ideally Target CPA (tCPA).

This bidding approach doesn’t bit for individual keywords, as an alternative, we set a goal CPA in line with the campaign, and Google hits that CPA. Furthermore, with full automation, Google makes use of demographic data such as the user’s device, target audience & location and time of day indicators to bid on high-quality clicks. We can set various goals for individual stores, product ranges, offerings depending on each clients business goals and profitability.

The highest-performing customers that we have under management use completely automatic bid techniques and pull margin statistics in from the customer’s back-end into Google which informs our system to go after users who are higher quality and have greater buyer intent.

One worry from clients is that they are concerned if they grant Google full control over the campaigns bidding strategy. We undoubtedly understand this particular concern. However, after strengthening our automated bid techniques for clients which spend $500k+ p/year on Google Ads to clients that spend $3000 p/month, we have the case studies to show for it. Many of our clients which double down on their Google Ads campaigns have been able to scale their business to multi-million dollar electrical, construction, real estate agencies as well as e-commerce stores.

Competitor & Keyword Optimisation

A Google Ads strategy from Marketing One will encompass a complete personalised analysis of ways each keyword is performing, as well as continual adjustments and optimisations. By removing wasted spend on underperforming key phrases, campaigns and ad groups, and re-investing that expenditure in more practical, profitable aspects of the campaign, we can rapidly turn round the overall performance of a Google Ads campaign without further investment in ad spend!

By utilising the above bidding techniques to make adjustments to the campaign on the fly when sudden market events occur or when there is peak demand (for example a sweltering day and an aircon specialist is required urgently), as opposed to manually adjusting the bids once every week.

In regards to how we work to improve the overall Quality Score and reduce the Cost-Per-Click, which can be easy enough implemented through the early phases of the campaign review, there are two strategies we would recommend:

  • Improve keyword matching with landing pages
  • Use exact healthy key phrases wherein feasible, and adjusting the campaign strategy to include any potential negative search queries which would eat away at ad spend


By conducting regular optimisations on a Google Ads campaign and making it as strong and cost-effective as possible in the early phases of management, it places our clients in a robust position to discover new strategical innovations which will allow us to get the leg up over the competition. In turn, this will enable us to take the clients campaign to new profitable heights!

Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. Marketing One exceeds these values by Google.

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