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Marketing One believes that truly great results come from a killer team of experts allowing a collaborative approach to ensuring everyone can be their best selves. We focus on tapping into the creativity and potential of a team and unpopular opinions, allowing ideas and communication to seamlessly flow, creating an enriched environment which all can thrive in.

8 out of 10 Australians actively use social media

Social Media Strategies Built By Social People

An agency focused on you and honing your social strategy
Marketing One is an agency filled with passion and dedication. We carefully work with you to ensure your business goals are completely understood, your demographics & audience is refined, and a cohesive social media strategy is devised.

With a strong focus on consistency, we conduct weekly account updates across all campaigns under management. It’s an incremental approach to ensure we remain on top of the ball with the campaigns while dedicating the time needed to each campaign. On a routine basis, we conduct bid optimisations, A/B testing across ads, in-depth analysis of account performance & strategy testing to stay ahead of the competition.

Our strategies are not cookie-cutter – your needs and demographics are unique only to your business, and so too should the strategy. Nonetheless, we know what works and what doesn’t and apply market intelligence to improve the ROI and profitability of your business.

There’s a reason our clients have us signing NDA’s after the first few months because they want to secure their position within the market.

Ceasing profitable opportunities with data

How social media strategies apply in 2020?

With over 2.9 billion active users across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more throughout 2020, now is the perfect time to begin building your audience. Social networks allow for unprecedented and untapped market data. Social media ads allow businesses the ability to target people based on their behaviours, interests, buyer intent, demographics as well as detailed life events (whether they’ve just sold their house or even if they’ve just bought a new Apple product). This allows marketing agencies un-paralleled data to curate social advertising campaigns backed by real, current marketing data which drives up conversions and revenue. Social media drives higher-quality leads to the top of your sales funnel and rapidly converts them through artificial intelligence and direct messaging right when the customer is in the mood to buy.

Reconnect with your target market

Social Media Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads is a marketing strategy which revolves around using data intelligence collected about different audiences to tailor your ads more specifically to your target audience. In a nutshell, when a customer visits your site and doesn’t complete a transaction or contact form submission, a tracking pixel can be associated with the user to track across other social media networks to recapture into the sales funnel. Using social remarketing, we can adjust strategies on the fly based on how visitors are interacting with your website and services, through different ad copy to targeting a specific audience segment more aggressively.

Social Media Ads Revamped!

Our profit maximising processes

Initial Consultation & Research

Competitor research and analysis is often the most critical aspect of any business considering social media ads. We have to decipher the right tone of voice, which ad copy & imagery is achieving the best results for increased revenue.

Data Analysis & Reviews

We conduct a weekly analysis of campaign performance to review optimisations. All data is fed into your live client dashboard to view where the money is being spent and which ads are performing the best. Review your CPC, CPA, conversion rates & overall market presence to make strategic business decisions.

Graphic Design

Custom designed graphics are used to allow for complete flexibility in the message to properly engage your target audience right when they have their wallets out. We create multiple variations of ads to allow for A/B testing and proper optimisation to ensure we have all the data needed to make intelligent ROI driven decisions.

Sales Funnel Design

Sales optimised landing pages built with conversions rate optimisation in mind. When we build landing pages we don't settle for the industry benchmark of 10-15%, we drive data analytics and user tracking to continually optimise the landing pages to achieve conversion rates of 30% and UP!

User Tracking

Without user data, you're left floating in the water. We track every visitor who visits your website, live recording sessions of their screen, heatmap tracking, form submissions, clicks, and every other bit of data to guide ROI driven optimisations and retargeting.

Optimisation & Testing

We're always refining and rethinking how we do things - at the end of the day, social media is a rapidly evolving industry, so what works today may not work the next. With weekly audits being carried out of campaigns, we conduct further optimisations and breakdown the ads to adapt to the latest trends.

Take a look behind the scenes of your competitor!

Are your competitors outperforming and buzzing with sales, while you’re struggling to optimise your campaigns to switch on a ‘sales autopilot’?

Data, data, data...

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