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Some of our current digital marketing results​

500 enquiries
per month

One of our Melbourne plumbers went from receiving 10 - 30 calls a week to on average 500 per/month utilising a tailored omnichannel digital marketing strategy. This strategy was built around

sole-trader to small team
this client
generated 630 Enquiries
over 3-months from his website! 🔥

Client first came onboard as a sole trader and now generates 600+ enquiries from his SEO campaign which has allowed him to employ a team and put more vans on the road. Achieved 33% conversion rate with a fresh website which nearly doubled his enquiries!

3x conversion rate of last agency

Home Builder achieved more than 1,700 clicks on our ads and positioned our client in front of 30,000 customers. Produced exactly the sort of sales leads they were seeking—179 of them to be exact, in 12-months alone!

SEO for Roofing companies with proven results behind the strategy

Roofing is among the largest and most competitive industries in Australia. With over 5,000 roofing companies operating business owners have to be consistent and aggressive in their sales and marketing strategies. As a service-based business, it’s important to be able to adjust to the latest technological advances and pivot with the market in order to remain front of mind. With the long sales cycles due to the expensive costs of a full roof repair, it’s important you remain front of mind to ensure when the time is right, you’re the first business they call upon.

With over 85% of buyers searching on Google prior to hiring a roofer there’s no wonder where is over 1,500 people searching each month for roofing services.

What does this translate too for your accountant?

Simple – 750 clicks to your website and at least 70 enquiries each month. This is just for one keyword so the market is considerably larger but with a strategy focused on churning the competition through the meat grinder to get you to the top, there’s money to be made with the right SEO strategy.

SEO converts 8.5x more (quality vs quantity)

Putting Your Competition Through The Meat Grinder As A Roofing Company #Stastistics

With an SEO strategy, you’ll pull leads that are on the hunt for your services right now in comparison to other channels like Facebook or Letterbox drops which are referred to as interruptive marketing (crossing your fingers that you’ve intercepted a buyer at the right time).  Roofing SEO is a channel that sets provides consistent ongoing cashflow vs Google Ads where once you stop paying your enquiries stop.

SEO converts 8.5x as many leads as conventional marketing channels (Facebook, Letterbox drops, Billboard ads et).

Image of SEO results for a roofing company
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Helping you skull crush your competition online

Thrive is a forward-thinking roofing SEO agency that specialises in creating and implementing conversion-driven digital marketing solutions. We’ve been offering comprehensive SEO services to roofing business from sole traders to teams of 10 for years. M1G has established itself as the most powerful roofing SEO agency thanks to our consistent pursuit for skull crushing your competition!

Join forces with us and gain access to an entire team of Google-certified experts.

We assist you in expanding your online roofing visibility.

Why Choose M1G as Your Roofing SEO Agency

Roofing SEO Experts

Partner with skilled SEO professionals to provide you the best possible service and pump in the enquiries. From strategists and specialists right down to project managers, we are confident we can help grow your business like you’ve never seen before.

Proven Track Record

At M1G, we rely on our client testimonials and success stories to demonstrate the quality of our services. We've helped a variety of businesses achieve their marketing goals and establish their online authority throughout the years. Our roofing SEO services have resulted in new sales records, new income streams and a consistent flow of customers.

Cost-Effective SEO Solutions

Despite being on a shoestring budget, you can create an effective strategy to scale your business whether that's achieved by niching down and tackling just colourbond roofing or just roofing repars ther's a solution. We provide bespoke SEO solutions that are tailored to your specific expectations and budget.

Conversion-Centred Web Strategies

We use a methodical approach to online marketing as a full-service SEO agency. We provide integrated digital marketing services in addition to SEO solutions to ensure long-term growth of your business. Web design and development, email marketing, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising are how we help you grow.

Certified Google Partner

M1G is a well-known SEO power house in the amongst other SEO specialists. Since passing the Google Ads product certification exams, our digital marketing agency has achieved Google Partner status. We stay up to date on the latest roofing market changes and Google algorithm updates to ensure that your SEO efforts are successful.

An SEO agency for Roofers that works as hard for you on day 1 as day 100.