11 Undeniable Reasons To Never Make Your Own Website

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11 Undeniable Reasons To Never Make Your Own Website

First, let us preface this to say that there are a couple of exceptions to our reasons never to make your own website. If you lack the capital (here at M1G, we offer websites starting at $1,999), using a website builder maybe your best option. If you have the time and desire to study web design, this may be your opportunity.

If you are like the majority of businesses and your day is already chock full. The last thing you want is to end up with 12 frustrating hours without much to show.

Reason #1: Ownership

Did you know that with most website builders, you never actually own your website? Instead, you’re renting it with a monthly fee. If you miss payments, your website will be taken down, and you cannot download it.

You’re typically unable to hire a web designer to customize it for you, and when you decide to move your website from the builder, you can’t. You’ll have to copy and paste content to your new website manually.

Reason #2: Branding Limits

Brand awareness involves more than a logo design. Establishing solid branding requires consistency online and off. One of the most important places to promote that is, of course, your website. Website builders have limits to customisation, and it’s even possible that you’ll stumble upon another business with the same build.

Reason #3: Tacky Advertisements

If you’re using a website builder, you’ll have to come to terms with a big banner proclaiming “WEBSITE BY WIX. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!”. There’s nothing like a giant ad from another company to distract users from converting. This brings us to our next point.

Reason #4: Conversion

In addition to design, the right web design firm will specialize in conversion as well. Your website’s navigation, calls-to-action, and pages will all encourage users down a sales funnel when designed correctly.

Your website is more than an information website – it’s the first impression a customer receives when they come across your company – impress them!

Reason #5: (Human) Support

What happens if you are hacked? What if your website suddenly “goes down”?

These are problems that most people need immediate help with, which can prove difficult if you don’t have a web designer. Establishing a relationship with an experienced web designer means that you’ll have someone to contact with questions or problems when they occur. And chances are, they will look at some point.

Reason #6: SEO

“I have a website, so where’s all my new business?”

Ah.. the age-old question (or at least a decade or so). Unfortunately, if you’ve built your website or have chosen a designer with little SEO knowledge, your website will have far less chance of ranking above competitors in search engine results.

With Google receiving over 57,000 searches per second each day, search engines remain one of the best ways for businesses to reach new customers. Without search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, your website will already have a significant disadvantage to competitors who invest in SEO.

Reason #7: Time is Money

Do you value your time? If the time you spend creating your website takes away from opportunities to generate revenue, you should consider how much that’s costing you.

Reason #8: Website Analytics

DIY website builders often use older scripting technologies which lead to inaccurate analytics. Without accurate data from your website, it’s challenging to conduct A/B testing and determine which promotions, designs, content etc., are converting.

Reason #9: eCommerce

If you need an eCommerce website, designing your own will prove an even more complex challenge. Most aren’t advanced enough for you to fully manage your store as far as website builders go.

Reason #10: First Impressions

Tacky ads + Cookie-cutter design = Poor first impression

Your website is the first impression many potential customers will have of your brand. A poor web design doesn’t exactly highlight your business’s success or attention to detail.

Reason #11: Experience

Sure, any Joe Schmo can glance at a business and think, “well I can do that”. But how effective will they be at doing it? As you can probably relate to with your own business, there are unique challenges in every niche.

A seasoned web designer has already run into those challenges and overcame them. They know all about website bugs and what to do if your site is suddenly down.

If you’re still planning on making your own website but have a few questions, drop us a line! We’re here for all your web design and online marketing needs.

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