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As a business or brand, your problem isn’t getting new customers, it’s developing a predictable system based backed by analytics to acquire new customers on a passive level. At Marketing One, we help bridge this gap through our engagement-based copywriting offering. We brainstorm the best digital strategy which offers the highest ROI by our omni-approach of SEO, CRO, website design and content marketing. Our mission is to connect businesses, brands and partners with the people who are interested in your service or offering most.

We stand confident that we can help your business attract new business and inbound leads. Our advanced reporting can even track who is calling, what was discussed in the call and whether the lead was won or lost.

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Great copywriting is the difference between forming strong relationships and being ignored. Between a sale and a lost opportunity. By ‘great’ we mean heavily researched, clear and persuasive. We specialise in writing creatively, whilst placing a heavy focus on ensuring your brand is entwined throughout the copy. 

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Our Copywriting Services

Website Content

Unique, creative, professional copywriting designed to drive your brand image to your target audience.

SEO Copywriting

We craft SEO optimised content for your website to improve SERPs and get you ranking faster! Google's #1 ranking factor remains unique.

Blog Copywriting

Ensure your blog is regularly updated with fresh ideas and topics including captivating images & graphics to engage the reader.

Email Copywriting

Successful email marketing campaigns depends heavily on engaging the reader with unique content that drives conversions.

Corporate Copywriting

Don't re-brand your business with bland copy. Sharpen the bite with copy which transforms your thoughts into succinct, compelling copywriting that matches your brand.

Article Writing

Branded, captivating, data driven articles written around your subject matter. We incorporate marketing concepts to capture the reader.

Brisbane based Copywriters

Choose a copywriter with proven marketing experience. We know what works online and what doesn't.

What works on print won’t necessarily work for the web. Online you have a few seconds (if that) to grab the reader’s attention. Waffle for a few words and they’re gone! Your website has to be freed from buzzwords with succinct, easy to read paragraphs in the perfect tone for your target audience. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures search engines like Google and Yahoo know what your website is about and how to rank it on Google. By using creative copywriting which captures the reader’s attention, you hold them on your website for longer, which following Google’s recent algorithm update is now a ranking factor. Fail to capture the reader’s attention; your website reports a high bounce rate which translates to poor ranking on Google.

Sounds quite simple, right? In the hands of digital marketing professionals, it is. Keeping on top of Google’s continual algorithm evolution is a full-time job which demands extensive experience and tools. But if you need your web page to rank highly, the essential element which is to include high-quality, well-written, unique copywriter content.

In your meta-titles & descriptions, they must contain relevant and targeted keywords related to your marketing efforts. Tools like Ahrefs & Majestic make this a quick and painless process. However, for those not tuned into SEO copywriting, they may either not know of these tools or not know how to utilise these tools to their full potential effectively. Behind the scenes, your metadata requires the same treatment. Investing in SEO copywriting will assist you to tackle all this.

Over 80% of all Australians go online to find their local product or service. 92% don't go past the first page of Google.

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