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Client: Vivid Home Builders


Service: Google Ads & SEO

Vivid Home Builders specialise in building and renovating homes in Hervey Bay and Gympie. They are focused on developing a strong community bond, making sure where possible, they always use local tradesmen and suppliers so money goes back into their local economy. 

The Challenge

Vivid Home Builders had a goal of increasing sales, but as is the case for most high-end home builders, not just any lead is the right fit. Vivid Home Builders wanted to increase their number of qualified leads so they could build at a higher price-point that suited their place in the market. They needed to increase their overall traffic to draw in qualified leads that fit their business model. To do that, they not only needed an effective digital marketing strategy, they also needed a platform where they could bring those leads in.

The Process

Marketing One took on the Vivid Home Builders digital marketing project, and as we analysed their existing digital marketing strategy, we identified a number of loopholes which left untapped. We worked with Vivid Home Builders to identify their business goals and tailor a Google Ads & SEO strategy specifically to their needs and the market. Following the implementation of our digital marketing methods strategically developed for custom home builders, they have seen exceptional results.

The Results

In our first year with Vivid Home Builders, we’ve achieved more than 1,700 clicks on our ads and positioned our client in front of 30,000 customers. What’s more, we produced exactly the sort of sales leads Vivid Home Builders were looking for—179 of them to be exact, in 12-months alone! That’s nearly one qualified sale lead every day. Vivid Home Builders has also seen a massive bump in their conversion rate and organic traffic arriving to their site, but the figure that most stands out as proof of Marketing One’s ability to provide the results our clients are looking for is that high number of sales conversions.

Marketing One has cracked the code to marketing high-end home builders. Our strategy, when tailored specifically to the unique goals of home builders and developers alike, is guaranteed to draw in qualified traffic and boost sales.

SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% for traditional outbound methods such as cold-calling or direct mail.

Above industry standard ROI's

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